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Institutional Partnerships

Christian University for Leadership Education and Development (CULED) has established collaborative relationships with several universities, research organizations, individuals and businesses, based on shared objectives, to leverage resources and promote mutual benefits, including research collaborations and academic exchange programs. Our Institutional Partners include the following:

College of Peace and Reconciliation Studies

College of Peace and Reconciliation Studies, Nigeria

Word of God Seminary

Word of God Seminary, 

Gauteng, South Africa

COTECIL University

CETOCIL University, Juba, South Sudan

Zambian International Theological University

Zambian International Theological University,


Lighthouse Leadership University

Lighthouse Leadership University, Lokoja, Nigeria

HOSMI Theological Institute

HOSMI Theological Institute,     South Africa

Godman Soteria Academy of Theology

Godman Soteria Academy of Theology, Nigeria


DAKVICH University College, Zambia

Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology

Isibusiso Solwazi School of theology, South Africa

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